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Mantini Ltd is entitled, on basis of the in-force-law, to execute reclamation of polluted sites, as well as reclamation of goods made of asbestos, both in solid matrix and friable matrix (inscription to ‘A.N.G.A.’, 9 category, class C and 10 category, class C).
Our client service offered is covered with initial steps of inspection, there included environmental administrative activities (look at Local Health Autority for asbestos or Region, town, province for sites reclamation) as well as those bounded to the Unified Code (TU) for constructions (‘DIA’, ‘SCIA’, permit to  build, election of the coordinator for safety  etc..)

Our company is equipped with its own coordinated structure, with graduated ingenieurs, made of practiced technicians and operators and equipped  with all individual laws authorizations in order to operate in environments  exposed to cancer agents such as asbestos and others.